Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Mondays

          I got the Monday off for veteran days, but I couldn't focus on my college apps or study for my upcoming tests because I developed a disease know as "I need to shop." It's serious business to my wallet and my mental well being, no joke. I'm not usually one to spend, but I blew the hundies off... even though I should have been saving up to pay for my parking ticket. Maybe I should have waited for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for those deals deals deals and sales sale sales, but clothes are just so tempting when you know that they won't be there the next time you come back. I just wish everything in the world, clothing wise, was uniform, so I could just wear the same clothes everyday and everybody would be twins! But any who, getting to the main squeeze, I spent my Sunday Night in old town taking in the beautiful night lights and enjoying that cool Cali breeze... but them legs of mine just walked to Forever 21; I had no control, I was forced... but dang, my closet back home is going to be one happy girl. Here is a quick look of them goodies that I snagged up:

          I hunted the store grounds for roughly 3 hours until closing time; but I'm disappointed that I only looked through half their sale section cause everything was an additional 50% off. I had the mindset of going back the next day to finish where I ended... but I didn't know if it was worth the gas and miles when a new Forever 21 just opened in my city, but that story will come along just a little further down this post. I ended up with a big yellow bag filled with 3 cardigans, 3 tanks, 2 shirts, and a tube top for a total of about $70. Believe it or not the 2 shirts cost me $35 and my heart bled a little when they were scanned because everything else was half off. Outfits for these will be posted soon hopefully, once I finish all my school work and exams :( Oh the life of a senior. 

          Waking up in bed as a human popsicle, snuggled up with my teddy under the blankets, I proceeded to yelp local thrift stores to spend my day off wisely. As mentioned earlier, I was planning to revisit the Forever 21 I was at the previous night, so I told myself that I might as well look at the thrift stores around that area that was walking distance in order to save gas. I got up and dressed for the chilly morning that eventually turned into a heatwave after my arrival at my designated destination, but thank goodness for nightfall where temperatures dropped and my outfit became weather appropriate. Here's a little outfit of the day for you little cuties:

          During my journey, I ended up going to two different Goodwills and broke my Salvation Army virginity in such an embarrassing way. The doors on the side of the store had no handles so I assumed it was automatic; I proceeded to stand there expecting the doors to open but they didn't. Confused, I awkwardly began pushing at the doors and this little girl inside was just staring at me, shaking her head, and refusing to open the door for a newbie like me; maybe the store was closed or something was what I thought. I then took a step back in despair, and looked ahead because the future is always brighter, and it was! I noticed that the entrance was on the other side after seeing people walk out from the lot with bags filled with clothes; red faced, I power walked inside hoping to fulfill my shopping lust. Spending 3 hours of my beautiful day thrifting I snagged up a bunch of dark hues hoping to match the upcoming winter season:

          Might I say WOWWEE? All of this for roughly $35?! Yeah that's right you heard me correctly, the joys of thrifting reside in the beautiful finds at such low prices... a true shopping heaven. Happy with my purchases, I came home delighted with three beautiful plastic bags possessing 3 pairs of high waisted shorts, a pair of jeans, a pair of pants, a bodycon and a maxi skirt, a sweater, a button up, and a tank top. Considering the amount of time I spent, I decided against my wishes of going to Forever 21 due to a fixed schedule. I was resisting the temptation of going, but I wanted to keep my wallet filled with the very few Washingtons' I had left, my parking cheap, and most importantly I couldn't miss my appointment. I believe I had a very expensively spent weekend... but I needed this therapy.

-Celina ♥


  1. Love the pics and all the clothes that you got for $35!!! I love thrift store shopping too!! Would you like to follow each other?

    <3 Miianne

    1. Awh thank you :)
      And of course I would love to =]

  2. Wow, it looks like you got some seriously good deals. I really like the style of your blog btw - those photos are great! love from san francisco x